What is your footprint? 2020

Toteutamme Erasmus+ -nuorisovaihdon Kreikkaan 14.-20.4.2020.

Vaihdon teemana on ilmastonmuutoksen torjuminen ja ympäristöystävällinen elämäntapa.


- To learn our environmental footprint, the effects for the future of the earth and ways to decrease it.

- To realize how many plastics we use every day and ways to avoid them.

-Collect plastic from beaches and streets around the village.

- Upcycling plastic in many ways and especially with a specific machine for direct recycling and learn ways of selfproduction(e.g. soaps, lip balm)

-Learn how to build with natural building techniques, through participating in a local project.

-Explore the benefits of the use of bicycles avoiding cars during the project.

-Interact with locals and try to change their non eco-friendly habits.

-Connect people with diffirent cultures, work together and enjoy a week in a very beautiful place next to the sea.

-Participate in sea sports, if they want, like kite surf, sup,canoe, kayak.




The accommodation is going to be to 'Nisi'(located in Rahes Lamias of Greece), which is a kind of camping with permanent tents and also small houses builded with natural building technics.This place has many ecological activities and last summer Greek group used it for another project and was really amazing. 




 Day 1:Getting know each other

Day 2: Rules of the week, introduction to the topic. Check our footprint, realize its effect for the earth, discover easy ways to improve it.

Day 3:Collect plastic from beaches and the village and recycle or upcycle it.

Day 4:Build with natural materials

Day 5:.Enjoy the positive of nature and realize it's importance by hiking on the mountains, visit a local winery.

Day 6:.Discover the village with a village game and some small islands around and interact with locals.

Day 7:Evaluation of the project, conclusion, youthpass, suggestion for the future and hugs!

Yhteistyömaat: Kreikka, Italia, Tsekki, Portugali ja Viro

Jokaisesta maasta osallistuu vaihtoon 4 nuorta ja ohjaaja


Miten pääset mukaan?


Oletko 18-25-vuotias?
Muhoksen 4H-yhdistyksen jäsen? (Voit myös liittyä myönteisen päätöksen jälkeen)
Sitoudut osallistumaan etukäteistapaamiseen/-tapaamisiin Muhoksella ennen vaihtoon lähtöä. Tapaamisessa valmistellaan vaihtoa varten esim. oman maan esittely yms.
Sitoudut osallistumaan mahdolliseen varainhankintaan matkustuksen kulujen omavastuuosuuden kattamiseksi (omaa rahaa et tarvitse, kuin mahdollisiin matkamuistoihin)
Sitoudut vaihdon jälkeen raportoiminaan kokemuksestasi: Activities after the project: a) make and upload a concluding video of the whole program, with all the activities, games and moments. b)every group will make a small event in its country to present the project and the activities in order to spread the youth exchange program and more people learn about them c) talk about the project to others, outside of our organisation ( young people ,university students, school students) so the organisation gain more young and active members


Täytä alla oleva hakulomake tammikuun 26. päivään mennessä.

Teemme valinnat viikolla 5, jonka jälkeen aloitamme käytännön järjestelyt (lippujen hankinnan ja mahdollisen varainhankinnan jne.)